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For a guy like me, there is always a "Chinese-looking" or "Western-looking" guy in school who's popular regardless of their grades or height. They suck a lot in terms of production like good cameras and costumes compared to cable networks (GMM, One, Line TV etc.) but they aim for different target audiences (family, working people after getting off work, and everyone in general) Cable network series aim towards younger kids in school because they can watch them on their smartphones and Youtube, and they don't have to mind censorship too much because like in Hormones they touch on a lot of sensitive topics.

Number of CD(s) in package: 4 This amazing 4-disc set is being released in honor of Yoram Teharlev's 70th birthday.

That kind of beauty standard might look ideal to them.

Before, when I was young, during 1990 to early 2000, mixed race kids in school would get a very higher chance to be in school plays and parades.

I'm a guy so I didn't experience these beauty standards directly, but I have three sisters and they get discriminated a lot for having darker skin. It only comes down to personal preferences for me to say that about Thai version of Goong (above pictures).

I'm writing this thread NEVER TO OFFEND ANYONE BUT TO STATE FACTS after I wrote my reply in this thread ( about mixed ethnicity actors and after that a kind user sent me a message to hear more about it. Ratziti Lomar Lach CD 3: Tamid Olah Hamangina - The Army Band Songs 1. Missing Love – Han Sun Wook Song he sang in Ep.12, right? All of the people that are not Thai but live in Thailand are travelers who come here to do business or to live after retirement.People (thus actors and actresses in this case) who are born mixed are viewed in these two ways () and being pregnant with a Western man is 99% viewed badly because 99% assume that it's a one-night-stand with a tourist from Western countries, or it's prostitution.

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Oh, but some of them receive praises from their parents and fake praises from their friends that they become arrogant as well.) So, this makes 99% of the parents (especially their moms who are Thai) think that their kids belong to the entertainment industry.

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