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Usain bolt dating lubica

Even though he tried to hide his dating life, the news got out some way or another. Usmain Bolt dated April Jackson in 2013, the couple shared a brief romance and ended their relationship pretty quickly.Although nobody is sure about their relationship, there is a rumor that Usain dated or hooked up with Megan Edwards in the year 2012.It works because they are both successful and focused. She has her own life so she isn’t demanding.” Miss Slovak is expected to travel to London with Bolt this summer to watch him defend his Olympic titles at the 2012 game.

For all their celebrity-magazine looks the couple prefer to guard their privacy, spending much of their free time together at Bolt’s gated home in a suburb of Kingston, rather than attending red-carpet functions.

Evans was spotted with Bolt’s parents at the Jamaica National (JN) Invitational meet at the National Stadium in Kingston last weekend.

Do you think Usain Bolt and Lubica bucked under the pressure?

But I have to make sure it’s the right girl.” As for what attracted Bolt to Bennett to begin with? “One of the things that stands out is the buttocks area,” he told Boyne.

The many women who were calling out Usain Bolt for dating Slovakian fashion designer Lubica Slovak may have gotten their hearts desire.

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